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The bohemian chic style

Karioska the bohemian chic living
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The bohemian chic style (in English Boho Chic) has the characteristics of a complex, personalized and unique style!

1. The origins of the term bohemian chic

The term "bohemian chic" is made up of two words that refer to a set of inspirations coming straight from the 19th century for bohemian fashion, and the 1970s for hippie fashion; and "chic", which means "elegant".
Bohemia, formerly part of the Czech Republic, was once associated with the free, wandering and often carefree people of Eastern Europe. It is finally the fusion of the bohemian trend and the hippie style which gave the bohemian chic.

2. How to make a successful bohemian chic decoration

Contrary to what one might think, this style of decoration is extremely elegant and versatile. Since there are no rules for creating this style, everyone can play with their fantasy, with color contrasts, with other styles that, combined together, create an environment with high visual impact.

A mixture of contaminations and colors. In a bohemian chic house, we can see declensions of the most varied styles: jungle, hyppie, ethnic, shabby chic, eclectic, vintage and modern.

3. A style that relies on colors

Bright colors are certainly the hallmark of the bohemian chic style. Especially for decorative elements that fit into a background where the colors of nature predominate, that is, shades of brown of wood, blue of the sea and green of plants.

Natural lighting, through large windows, is always the best solution. Obviously, when this is not possible and in the evening, it is advisable to use a discreet lighting system with soft and colorful accents, soft and intimate lights. Ball chandeliers, candles...

Karioska the bohemian chic living2

In a bohemian chic home, plants are among the great protagonists. Greenery, in general, blends masterfully into any environment, and sometimes becomes an important element of the furniture.

This style also has some relation to the Hygge style, as they both prefer comfort, personal character to a purely aesthetic sense.

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