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About us

The Karioska House.

Karioska House was born from the desire to promote African crafts in its uniqueness in the face of globalization. The online store specializes in the sale of items from African crafts. These art deco pieces are of ethnic and bohemian chic inspiration. We cherish the idea of bringing culture and traditional objects into contemporary interiors.

Origin of the articles.

We propose unique decorative objects, made by Bamiléké craftsmen and directly imported from Cameroon. The strategy of evolution in the medium-long term is to propose articles from different African countries.
Africa is a continent so rich in art, culture and craftsmanship, which inspires us because it breathes authenticity into our lives - most of the objects are handmade and respect ancestral techniques - and leaves us dreaming of distant destinations.

Ethical approach.

The commercial approach of the house is part of an ethical chain. We represent and work in direct link with a collective of Cameroonian craftsmen. We guarantee each step of the manufacturing of the articles in the respect of the local tradition, of the ecology as well as the insurance to propose a fair remuneration to the craftsmen.

The marketing of the articles contributes to social and economic development. This allows rural populations to subsist. It also contributes to sustainable development by allowing the craftsmen to keep their know-how alive.

Slow Deco.

Our guideline is the slow decoration. A decoration which privileges the environment, the authenticity, the natural, the durable, the recycling, the beautiful, the quality, the local, the healthy, the well-being at home.
In order to offer products that comply with standards and respect the environment, we bring technical innovations while respecting traditions.



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