Maybe we can help you! Check out the frequently asked questions here.

How do I take care of my juju hat and other items?
Do you offer a gift format delivery?

We offer free gift delivery.
Just after your order, contact us with the reference of this last one by specifying for your order the mention "GIFT" as well as the word which you wish to join to it.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, when you are at the checkout stage, several payment options are offered to you including payment in installments.

How do I order a custom-made item?

All custom and personalized orders are welcome. We can create most colors, sizes and patterns on our items. Please contact us to let us know your needs by sending us a message with the size, quantity and color you wish to purchase and we will respond with a quote.

What kind of juju hat are sold in the store?

We offer authentic juju hats made in West Cameroon in the pure respect of Bamileke traditions. These juju hats fold and open like flowers. Videos are available in the product sheets of our online store or on our YouTube channel.

Can I see (physically) the items in your store?

Karioska is an online store. However, we offer the possibility to our customers to see the articles in our private showroom located in Paris or suburb of Paris according to the availability. Please contact us for an appointment.

Can I order a different size than the ones on the site?

We can create any size you want to within 2 cm.
If you need a size or color that is not in the store, please contact us  and we will send you a quote within 24 hours.

Do you make bulk orders for professionals?

We offer an outsourcing service and supply professionals. Within this framework, we set up a different ordering process on quotation.
Please contact us  and we will send you a quote within 24 hours.

Will my Juju hat be exactly as I see it on the site?

We sell unique hand-carved and handcrafted pieces. Therefore, there may be slight differences and nuances from the image on our site. We guarantee exchanges.

Where are you based?

The Karioska store is based in Paris (France). We work with a collective of artisans based in Cameroon without intermediaries.

Orders are shipped from Paris. Some special orders can be shipped directly from Cameroon.

A personal collection or fitting directly at your home can be organized in Ile-de-France.

Please contact us for more details.