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Ethnic chic decoration: when modern and exotic meet to create a unique style!

1. A meeting of styles

Far from the explosion of colors and the abundance of ornaments found in the bohemian chic style, the ethnic chic style adapts perfectly to the contemporary taste by minimalist furniture, without giving up the exotic influences of continents such as Africa, Latin America or the Orient.

2. How to make a successful ethnic chic decoration

The ethnic chic style is based on functional and quality furniture and ethnic objects typical of different cultures that, once mixed, create a unique and welcoming home environment, with sober and natural lines.

Before you start buying furniture and objects of all kinds and mix them randomly, you should first decide on the main style of reference, then add some complements or accessories from other cultures without compromising the harmony of the environment.

Concerning the choice of accessories for a chic ethnic furniture, the watchword is the suggestion. Therefore, the objects that will decorate the house can be original souvenirs from your travels, such as vases, jewelry, tapestries, fabrics, lanterns, candles and bowls?

3. We bet on the colors

A fundamental characteristic of the ethnic chic style is the attention paid to the contrast between the colors, dimensions and materials of the furniture.
It is therefore advisable to focus on the effect of chiaroscuro between the furniture and walls, the balance of colors and the assortment of materials.

In short, when we evoke an ethnic chic style, we think of an elegant and bold decoration with ethnic notes. Decoration that is accompanied by a strong tendency to sober colors, clean lines and a refined character. Style in which the colors are inspired by the warm tones of the earth and the decorations of the memories of travel.

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