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How to adopt the juju hat?

Karioska_How to adopt the juju hat
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Juju hats are excellent pieces to add an authentic touch and originality to one's home decor. Authentic juju hats are made from a wicker base covered with feathers of different colors.
Soft, aesthetic and allowing to bring volume, these accessories are ideal to underline a bohemian and chic style. Focus on the different ways to integrate juju hats in the different rooms of a house: living room, entrance, hallway, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, bathroom.

1. What are juju hats?

Coming straight from Cameroon, the juju hat is to Originally a traditional headdressdedicated to the great chiefs of the Bamileke tribe. Symbolizing good fortuneThis mythical hat is still worn during ceremonies and festivals celebrated in the Bamileke kingdom. In case of death, the hat is then bequeathed to the heir.

If this traditional headdress is still worn in Cameroon, it has become famous in Europe and in countries across the Atlantic, not to cover the heads, but to dress the walls. It brings color, lightness and warmth to the room where it is worn. The juju hat can be combined with any interior design desire and will not fail to fascinate. Light and airy, it is the perfect accessory for a Scandinavian, bohemian, contemporary or ethnic style interior. Whether it is hung alone or with several people in different sizes and colors, this decorative object will bring a touch of softness to the room.

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2. How to integrate feathered juju hats into your home decor?

There are many ways to incorporate juju hat into your home decor. The juju hat can easily be placed in any room of the house. From the living room, to the adult or children's bedroom.
This accessory is most often hung above a sofa with an assortment of colors and models of different sizes. It can be used as a headboard, a cocooning effect guaranteed. It can easily be mixed with other handmade decorative items to create a more original and aesthetic wall. The juju hat can be glued to the walls of the entrance, the corridor or the staircase.

In order for this decorative object to match the rest of the decor, it is important to harmonize its color and the atmosphere of the interior. Alone or with others, the main thing is to find a good balance without burdening the decoration. A simple dusting with a duster is enough to maintain it.

To get a nice play of light and shadow, it is recommended to install the juju hat near a light source such as a wall lamp.

3. How to choose the colors of your juju hats?

Available in many colors and sizes, the juju hat is a decorative element that has everything to please. Its lightness brings a cosy and cozy style. It adds volume and texture to walls. To modernize and warm up a classic interior, juju hats are the perfect decorating accessory.

The interesting thing about juju hats is that they allow you to do anything you want. They can be used in almost any type of interior design. To create a Nordic atmosphere, white, gray, sand or ivory are perfect. The ideal is to play with the colors and get a nice cameo in juju hats. For a decoration where natural wood is in the spotlight, pastel juju hats can bring more warmth and elegance. Bright colors are perfect for a tonic decoration. Orange, turquoise, green, red, fuchsia, pink, yellow... The choice is wide.

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