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5 things to change in our post-Covid home decor

Karioska The 5 things to change in our interior design following the pandemic

Because of Covid-19, we could no longer go out when we wanted to, cleanliness became a priority and working from home was the mantra of the day, life changed radically. It has also changed the way we decorate our homes. Here are 5 things to change in our post-Covid-19 interior design.

With the virus ravaging all around us, our homes have become our safe spaces. As most of us remain trapped within four walls, we look for ways to make our homes more comfortable, pretty and functional.

Before the lockdown, most of us were home only a few hours a day. Going to the office, meeting people, and getting out of the house every day kept us from staying cooped up inside the house. With this option taken away from us, many people began to change the interior design and style of their homes as a result of Covid-19.

Here are just a few of the ways people are changing their interior design to suit the Covid era.

1. Bringing nature into the home

People are looking for ways to bring the outdoors into their homes to enjoy the cool weather without worrying about the pandemic. The easiest way to do this is to bring plants and vegetation into your home.

With more time at your disposal, taking care of plants has become easier than ever before. Adding a little greenery to your home can instantly beautify your space!

2. Invest in the decoration of the veranda and the garden

Meeting people during the lockdown has become a precautionary exercise, even if everyone is vaccinated. Inviting people home is also an option at this time. Instead of going into the house, people who can, prefer to meet in their gardens, porches, balconies or lawns.

Instead of having ordinary yards, people are now "investing in balcony furniture and outdoor seating areas."

3. Create dedicated spaces for work in the post covid decor

Virtual meetings and business calls require the creation of tidy corners in our homes. This turns at least one part of the house into a work office area.

The creation of dedicated work nooks is a big trend that emerged during our 40s. Post Covid, working from bed was a one-time luxury, and it didn't bother us too much. But when you have to do it every day, it's not the best for your mental and physical health. Most of us opted for a dedicated work desk and created places with beautiful backgrounds for those work meetings.

4. Creating Smart Homes for Healthy Living

People are choosing to create smarter homes with a focus on functionality and comfort. Smart home systems, modern technology, and higher quality interiors are all the rage right now. Soundproofing is also on the rise due to work-from-home schedules.

Nowadays, people think about interior design in the long term and cleanliness.

5. Choose the right durable furniture

Making the home virus free is a big change that has become our new normal. Easy to clean surfaces have become much more important because of the virus. User-friendly, easy-to-clean, scratch-free and space-saving furniture has become an essential part of interior design.

People try to stamp their individuality and uniqueness on their homes, and what better time to do that than in the middle of a lockdown. You can choose to decorate and organize your home in a way that reflects your personality!

There is no doubt that the pandemic has radically changed our way of life, and especially our living space. It is time that we adapt our interior decoration to the impacts of Covid and follow all the new trends that are currently in vogue!

Post covid, find decorating trends to follow.

Good decoration!



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