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What are the decorating trends to follow in 2022

Karioska What are the 2020 decorating trends


For 2022 and the impact of the pandemic on our lifestyle, let's zoom in on the decorating trends to follow in 2022.

2022, here we are! You've probably made some resolutions or not, or made some adjustments to your home. Either way, it's time to start planning what will be trendy for the new year. To get an idea of what we can expect, Karioska House has researched for you the different trends expressed by interior designers and they did not disappoint us.

Below, we present their predictions for 2022 interior design, home decor and living room trends. Some of the most mentioned elements? Textured fabrics, natural lighting and lots of houseplants. Read on for more predictions.

1. More vintage than ever

A trend energized with the emergence of shortages in supply chains and the significant increase in attention to the environment. Celebrating unique finds will be an increasingly important trend in the new year.

Not only are vintage finds a greener choice for design with upcycling, but they are also loaded with unique details that are expensive to recreate.

An antique piece with a great patina reflects a love and respect for history and storytelling, just as a freshly painted antique shows a value of the past while creating a colorful and playful environment. And you can be sure that none of your neighbors will own the same thing!

2. Natural materials

One of the decorating trends to watch will be the emphasis on natural materials, especially in spaces like living rooms. Living room design trends reflect the revolution against fast fashion, now focusing on longevity and timelessness. Our society today emphasizes the search for a more sustainable approach and at the individual level, more responsibility. The concept is to create living spaces that "live longer" by integrating elements that encapsulate their environment.

3. A trend with black accents

Black accents and decorative objects will be the popular trend in 2022. It's a great way to add originality and depth to more minimalist spaces. Choose light, neutral colors for the main elements of your space, like paint colors and large sofas, and incorporate black accents for contrast.

4. Textured fabrics

Maybe it's the result of a year and a half spent cozying up at home, or the result of increased attention to detail, but velvet, sherpas and buckles are the fashionable fabrics for 2022.

And for good reason: cozy fabrics not only feel incredible, but they look chic and luxurious. We'll also be seeing fringe take center stage next year on furniture, including sofas and ottomans.

5. The mix of dark and earthy tones

For 2022, designers foresee a shift from darkness and gloom to richness and depth. With the emergence of a trend towards two-tone and tone on tone, with lots of brown, copper, earth tones coming into play with a mix of black and gray.

The 2022 decorating trends are wood, raw materials like wicker, as well as very sculptural pieces. There is also room for curved sofas and chairs with soft lines. Hammered metals are in vogue and will continue to be in 2022. A beautiful hammered metal chair can add a contemporary element to any space.

Beautiful year 2022!

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