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The good fortune of juju hat

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Juju hats have been used for years in residential, hotel and commercial projects. Many of us have come across them, but many people are still unaware of the origins of juju hat which are traditional African hats!

Incorporating a juju hat into a design was a hot trend a few years ago, but this trend is making a comeback. Is this just a comeback trend or a timeless piece? Either way, we love the way they add texture to a space.

We tell you more.

1. What does the juju hat symbolize?

Juju hats are a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. Made from feathers and wicker, juju hats also symbolize the purity of life and the beauty of birds.

These headdresses originated in West Cameroon, in the Bamileke kingdom, and are traditionally worn by royalty and other high-ranking members of society during festivals and ceremonies.

2. Where can I find authentic juju hats?

It takes several weeks for several artisans to make an authentic hat, with the intricate placement of each feather folded into place. Prices vary depending on size, quality and authenticity. There are also beautiful artificial hats available for sale at low prices.

The Karioska House offers authentic juju hats. The heart of our activity is based on a process of promotion of the craft and contribution to the economic development of the Western region of Cameroon. We collaborate directly with local artisans on the design and choice of raw materials, in an eco-responsible approach.

Prices of juju hats vary depending on size, quality and authenticity:
It takes several weeks for several craftsmen to create an authentic hat, with the intricate placement of each feather folded into place. The real hat can be expensive, but there are also beautiful artificial hats available for sale. I've found some at reasonable prices, in all sizes and colors. And if you're up for the challenge, I have a link below for a DIY tutorial!

3. Where and how to hang your juju hat?

Over a fireplace, over a headboard, in the dining room, the list is endless. They can be placed individually or in groups. Juju hats easily add texture and interest to a room and are typically used as a focal point in a room.

The juju harmonizes with other African decorative objects.

4. How to choose the juju that fits your space?

There are so many options available that it can be hard to choose which one!

An off-white is usually a safe bet.

If you choose a bold and colorful design, make sure it matches the color scheme of the room.
This is true for anything you add to a room, but especially when it's a centerpiece!

Bright, colorful pieces create a dramatic effect while neutral tones give a subtle, layered look.

The Juju hat folds on itself to be very easy to carry or to store. It requires a particular maintenance because of its composition of natural elements. It is therefore important to buy it from a specialized store.

So, do you dare the juju hat?

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  1. Merci pour cet article. J’ai trouvé dommage qu’on ne mette pas plus en avant l’origine de cet objet magnifique.

    1. Bonjour Alice,
      Merci pour votre commentaire qui dénote votre intérêt. Les origines du juju hat font l’objet d’un précédent article (lien dans le premier paragraphe).
      Suite à votre retour, nous nous rendons compte que les liens ne sont pas suffisamment mis en évidence et allons améliorer cela.
      En attendant, voici le lien 🙂
      Bon week-end!

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