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Juju hat and color psychology

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You wish to acquire a juju hat and you hesitate on the choice of the color? Beyond the purely decorative aspects, you are probably thinking more deeply, looking for meaning in your interior design, or you have probably read our last article on the slow deco ? Whatever the case, you are in the right place to deepen this reflection. This article will allow you to know the psychology and symbolism of colors in decoration.

Psychology of the color white

Attributes clean, fresh, pure, modern, neat.
Associations purity, calm.
Effect It gives the impression of using the space as a backdrop.
Who prefer it intellectuals, of modern type; one thinks of the stars of the 1950s.
Note When it comes to trends, white is the answer. Leader of the emerging trends.

In color psychology, white lends itself wonderfully to all styles, blends easily with all other colors and is a color that is difficult to get tired of. It is preferred in living rooms such as the living room, kitchen or the most intimate as the bedroom or bathroom. White can be used as a total look in a room when it is bathed in natural light, but it should be avoided with artificial light that would give it a dull look.

Symbol of innocence and purity, in the Feng Shui It symbolizes openness and availability while giving a feeling of space. But be careful, avoid white that is too satiny and bright, as well as monochrome. Too much white evokes blindness, emptiness, waiting, abandonment, isolation and distance. Prefer off-white, which integrates well with other colors.
White is ideal for the kitchen because it balances with the fire element of the room.

Psychology of the color pink

Karioska authentic juju hat boheme chic pink romantic chic

Attributes Warm, comforting, soft.
Associations romance, kindness, delicacy, tenderness, refinement, sentimentality, femininity, innocence.
Effect : sober, flattering, promotes sleep.
Who prefers it light pink preferred to bright pink, preferred by women

Dynamic color punctuated with a touch of delicacy. Pink has always represented sensuality, happiness, softness, seduction, romanticism, youth, childhood?

In the psychology of colors related to Feng Shui, it embodies tenderness, love. This color is recommended in a child's or a parent's room.

Psychology of the color green

Karioska juju hat emerald green forest bucolic decoration boho bohemian trans

Attributes fresh, clean, restful.
Associations Ecology, nature, balance, desire, spring, vitality, health.
Effect stabilizes, nourishes, heals and revitalizes.
Who prefer it popular with influencers, opinion leaders and trendsetters.
Note The botanical green gives vitality and balance.

Associated with the plant world and nature, green is a color that has soothing, refreshing and invigorating qualities, whatever its shade. It can be used in any room in the house, as long as you know how to use it. Demonstration with all our inspirations.

Feng Shui attributes to it a symbolism of balance, but also of growth, renewal and gentle change. Green is soothing and inspires confidence. Green is not recommended for bedrooms and bathrooms. It is recommended in the office and library.

Psychology of the color blue

karioska supplier of Authentic juju hat deck blue boho style

Attributes calm, quiet, sacred.
Associations constancy, reliability, water, heaven, holiness, protection, purity, peace, trust, loyalty, patience, hope, perseverance, future.
Effect Restful, purifying, refreshing.
Who prefer it : everyone's favorite color.
Note Bringing freshness and sophistication.

Evocative of dreams and escapism, the color blue encourages calmness and well-being. The color blue can be used in a variety of ways in the home, from a casual vacation home atmosphere to a sophisticated one.

According to Kandinsky: "Blue is a celestial color by essence. The ultimate sensation it creates is that of rest. In Feng Shui, blue is the color of the soul and wisdom. It represents tranquility. It also promotes reflection and meditation.

Psychology of the color red

Karioska juju hat ethnic chic red av

Attributes Exciting, daring, dynamic, suggestive, intense, impulsive, active, daring, passionate.
Associations Blood, fire, competition, heat, emotion, optimism, life, Valentine's Day.
Effect arousal, stimulation, acceleration of the heart and respiratory rates.
Who prefers it : color of people in movement, when it is red, it moves.
Note : fetish color. Sometimes clumsily used in advertisements and promotions to attract attention.

The color of reference in all civilizations, red plays on ambiguity: it represents life but also death, courage but also danger, eroticism but also sin, ardor but also prohibition, etc.

In Feng Shui, red symbolizes fire and the energy of concrete action. Powerful, radiant, lively, it stimulates passion and dynamism. It favors passionate exchanges, ardor and sensuality. It also gives a feeling of security, protection, courage and energy. But, in excess it represents the dispute or the tensions. Red represents the element of fire, it is to be used in touches, associated with other soft colors. It is best to avoid this color in the bedrooms, kitchen or living room.

Beige or natural color psychology

karioska wall decor paris juju hat natural t

Attributes Comfortable, reliable, stable, simple, safe.
Associations earth, substance, stability, harmony, heart, home, neutrality.
Effect : comforting, soothing.
Who prefers it : practical, down-to-earth people, far from the coast.
Note beige to bind and unify

Beige has a direct relationship with nature. It qualifies natural wool or fabric that has not been dyed or bleached. Beige is a color that has a wide range of colors from off-white to light brown, even gray or yellow depending on its composition. The ecru, the greige, the mastic or the sand are also part of this family.

Warmer than white as a backdrop, beige is the symbol of a simple and elegant interior. It blends with many shades for a harmonious result.

In Feng Shui, beige is a Yin color that represents stability, conservatism and lack of creativity. It is preferred in rooms intended for rest such as the bedroom, the library or the living room.

Psychology of the color yellow

Karioska juju hat authentic yellow african wall decor site

Attributes The warmest, most comforting, brightest, chic color.
Associations Sun, creativity, imagination, optimism, futurism, spirituality, novelty.
Effect warmth, comfort, unifies.
Who prefers it the first color that children look for.
Note : the creamy yellow.

Tonic, yellow symbolizes the energy of renewal and promotes enthusiasm and curiosity. It promotes exchange and communication, inspires friendliness and self-confidence. Yellow is the color of joy, inspiration and also brings calm.

This color finds its place in the Feng Shui children's rooms, living rooms and sunny rooms placed in the north of the house.

Psychology of the color gray

Karioska juju hat grey

Attributes Reassuring, safe, practical, reliable, elegant.
Associations neutrality, coldness, security, conservatism.
Effect : reassuring.
Who prefers it Not usually chosen as a favorite color, but very popular with creative people, visual artists.
Note : color mainly used for men's professional outfits, more and more popular with women.

Gray is a neutral color with a wide range of colors, from pearl gray to anthracite, including pinkish gray, greenish gray and blue-gray, offering a multitude of possibilities to dress your home.

In Feng Shui, GREY (like white and silver or gold) is associated with the element METAL. Metal is a dense energy, condensing energy inwards, turning inwards, concentrating energies to obtain something pure. In autumn, we tend to turn inward to keep our strength up in the face of the approaching winter.

Psychology of the color orange

Karioska juju hat orange boheme chic photo

Attributes : striking, bright, warm.
Associations extraversion, adventure, party, energy.
Effect Stimulates the senses.
Who prefers it : people of influence, teenagers.
Note : slightly retro sensitivity.

There's nothing like a bold orange to energize an interior. Electric orange, clementine or carrot orange are colors that modernize a room and give it a dynamic character. Its finish can be lacquered, matte or velvety and corresponds to a specific atmosphere: pop spirit accompanied by vintage furniture, contemporary associated with khaki or oriental with saffron shades. The vitamin orange can be combined with red, dark gray or bright blue furniture.

In Feng Shui, orange symbolizes radiant energy, friendship and wisdom. Joyful and positive, this color attracts attention without aggression. The psychology of colors associates it with creativity because it promotes concentration. It also brings enthusiasm and desire and all the pleasures of life. In a lighter tone such as salmon or coral, it brings about gentle change. It can be used as a bright color in the living room. In small quantities in the kitchen, and in pastel tones in children's rooms.

Psychology of the color black

Karioska juju hat black deco ethnic chic av

Attributes mysterious, elegant, sophisticated, materialistic, suggestive, powerful.
Associations sophistication, simplicity, night, power.
Effect : power.
Who prefers it : intellectuals, rebels, fashion industry, more and more widespread color.
Note On the clothing side, it is the first color for professional wear, second color for casual wear.

Jet black, ink black, raven black, ebony black, licorice, bluish black, black is a color that evokes mystery and elegance. Black has the particularity of highlighting all the colors it is next to and of bringing a real cachet to the room in which it is found.

Timeless, black has the property to adapt to absolutely all styles, from the most classic to the most contemporary, through the baroque and industrial style.

In Feng Shui color psychology, black represents depth, mystery, unfathomable and magical powers. It symbolizes contemplation, introspection, intimacy of feelings and luxury. In excess, it can cause a sense of loss, emptiness, monotony or a lack of hope and perspective. Too much black can lead to anxiety and depression. Use black simply to highlight and accentuate another color.

Psychology of the color purple

Karioska juju hat purple

Attributes Warm, comforting, soft.
Associations romance, kindness, delicacy, tenderness, refinement, sentimentality, femininity, innocence.
Effect : sober, flattering, promotes sleep.
Who prefers it light pink preferred to bright pink, preferred by women

Figure of meditation, purple also promotes calm. Associating love and wisdom, it is associated with softness, tenderness and romanticism. Combine it with pink and white. A soft green will also complement it nicely.

So, which color do you choose?



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