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Everything you need to know about slow deco, the eco-friendly decorating trend with a timeless style

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You want to know everything about slow deco, the eco-friendly decorating trend with a timeless style? Then you are at the right place!
Basically, slow deco - translate "slow decoration" - refers to a reasoned and ecological approach to decoration rather than a style. The idea is indeed to take one's time, to meticulously select items and to measure one's purchases in order to create a serene environment. An approach adopted within the framework of the advice in decoration which we lavish.

A little background on the origins of slow deco

When decorating, it's hard to resist the urge to finish everything (and fast) especially when you're embarking on an interior design refresh or moving into a larger space. The difficulty is compounded when you start with a lot of blank walls or empty floor space. A shortcut may be to take the easy way out by buying cheaper (and often lower quality) items to get a finished interior quickly, but the concept of slow deco reminds us that there are many reasons to take your time.
Slow decorating is a trend in interior design that relies on the thoughtful choice of objects to bring into your home and the desire to focus on objects that you will keep for a long time, objects of value and meaning (such as a juju hat).

What is slow deco?

Slow decorating is about taking the time to learn about the spaces you live in and determining your own style. While the term "slow" can easily refer to the speed of decorating, it also alludes to the larger intent and purpose behind acquiring decorative items for the home.
Understanding the concept means recognizing that style and space evolve over time. Homeowners should invest in rooms that they will want to keep and continue to use.
The slow deco joins these trendy movements of slow food, slow life, slow design, slow work, slow sex... It is about privileging quality over quantity.

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The virtues of slow deco

When you buy with intention, you have a stronger connection to the items in your home.
It's also good for the wallet because it allows you to save between purchases, which allows you to invest in rare, quality pieces rather than trying to stretch your budget to buy everything at once.

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Perhaps the most important benefit of slow decorating is that it allows you to effortlessly adapt to interior design trends. A thoughtful collection of objects allows for a more timeless aesthetic.
A mix of rare or vintage pieces, textures, etc. will give more allure and elevate the decor to a higher level compared to cheap or chain store items.

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10 tips to adopt slow deco

The more you read, the more you get into the concept? Then here are the top 10 tips for getting started.

Start by selecting the largest items

If you're looking for new pieces for your living room, start with the big elements like the sofa and rug to anchor the room.

Search for assembled furniture

A good baseline for identifying quality furniture is that it comes assembled. If you have to build it yourself, it probably won't stand up to daily use.

Saving to enjoy later

Splurge on one major piece - such as the sofa, table, bed - and shop smart for the rest.

Embrace the mix of styles

Your interior should not reflect a catalog page from your favorite store; the look may become outdated and it will be more difficult to add other elements later.

Consider the materials

Ask questions such as, "Does this wood cabinet have toxic finishes that are bad for the air quality of the house or the environment?"

Getting to know your space

Knowing how you want to use your space and what items you want to fill it with will slow down your urge to decorate right away.

Buy handmade

Look for stores that offer one-of-a-kind pieces made by artisans. One-of-a-kind creations may cost more, but you can feel good about who your money supports.

Shopping with sustainability in mind

In addition to environmentally friendly brands, it is possible to look for those with a proven fair trade policy, which supports the fair remuneration and treatment of designers around the world.

Consider maintenance and repair

You'll be much more likely to replace an item that is a pain to maintain or doesn't work the way you wanted. One of the goals of slow decorating is to not have to make replacements.

Keep in mind that slow deco is about balance

Not everything has to be expensive or meet these decorating tips. The goal of slow decorating is to create a living space that fits your lifestyle and avoids treating furniture and decor as disposable items. There's nothing wrong with incorporating a few inexpensive pieces from big box retailers; sometimes it's easier and fits your style. The key is to take care of these items, as well as the higher quality pieces, so you can continue to use them for a long time.

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