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Juju Hat Authentique Bamiléké Blanc Multicolore Envol de Nuit

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Opt for the authentic multicolored juju hat envol de nuit for an original, bohemian-chic decorating effect! Juju hats are textured works of art and the ideal way to dress up a blank wall, given their impressive visual effect. They have gained in popularity with interior designers and add an authentic African tribal-chic look to any room.

Technical description
Category: wall decoration
Color: white, multicolor
Height (cm): 35, 50, 65, 80
Usage: has a wall hook on the back
Association : hangs alone, in duo, trio, or rainbow

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The juju hat a slow deco object

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Natural decoration with feathers and wicker

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Directly made and imported from Cameroon

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The authentic white and multicolored African Bamiléké juju hat is a decorative objet d'art that brings a touch of originality and color to any interior space. Traditionally used during royal ceremonies by the Bamiléké people in Cameroon, this headdress is distinguished by its circular shape and richly colored design with natural feathers. The striking contrast between the immaculate whiteness of the base feathers and the explosion of vivid colors in the center immediately catches the eye, making this juju hat a dynamic focal point in the decoration of a living room, hallway or any other living space.

Aesthetic features

This multicolored white juju hat is made from carefully selected and tinted natural feathers. The vivid colors, ranging from deep reds and bright blues to vibrant greens, are arranged in concentric layers, creating a visual effect of movement and depth. The white feathers that form the outer border frame the design and set off the darker hues, adding texture and visual interest to the whole.

Cultural significance of African juju hat

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, African juju hat is rich in cultural significance. It is traditionally worn by chiefs and high-ranking dancers during important festivities, symbolizing prosperity and freedom. The abundance of feathers represents wealth and social status, while the colors can indicate specific qualities such as courage or wisdom.

Interior design applications

In a contemporary interior, a juju hat can be used as an accent piece in a minimalist room or as a complement to an already vibrant color palette. Its aesthetic appeal and luxurious texture make it a popular choice for interior designers wishing to add an element of authentic African craftsmanship and rich history to their projects.

Maintenance and installation

Maintaining juju hat is simple, but requires a delicate touch. Regular dusting with a feather duster or soft cloth is all that's needed to maintain its shine. For installation, it's usually fitted with a string loop at the back for easy attachment to the wall, allowing it to be unfolded or folded away as required.

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Category: wall decoration
Color: white, multicolor
Height (cm): 35, 50, 65, 80
Usage: has a wall hook on the back
Association : hangs alone, in duo, trio, or rainbow

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions N/A

35 cm, 50cm, 65 cm, 80 cm


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