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Juju hat

How to open the juju hat

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How to hang your juju hat

The juju hat is attached to the wall with the rope at the back.

Depending on the size of the acquired juju hat, a wall mount can support between 1 and 2kg.
Be sure to keep the label on the back so you can access the QRcode for the user guide at any time.

Our juju hats come in storage boxes that you can reuse when transporting them.

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In order to keep your juju hat shiny, here are a few tips for using it

Although our juju hats are treated to be UV resistant, as long as you can avoid hanging them in the sun. This will prolong their luster over time.

The juju hat is a natural object made of feathers, and insects love to nest in it. Although we deliver our juju hats treated against insects (by the selection of the type of feathers), it is necessary to continue the maintenance with the following solutions:

  • The most natural way is to insert one or two of the cedar wood moth balls to which you can regularly addcedarwood essential oil or lavender.
  • Inserting one or two of these mothballs which are small balls of chemical pesticide and deodorant, sometimes used when storing clothes and other materials liable to be damaged by mold or moth larvae.
  • Or once or twice a year, to protect it, spray the heart of the juju hat with an insecticide. We recommend doing this in early summer.

To remove dust from juju hats, you can use either a feather duster, a soft fiber brush, or a hair dryer.

Give your juju hat all its glory! How do I do it? By readjusting the position of the feathers.
Have the feathers been a little roughed up? Use your moistened fingertips to redraw them.

Bamileke Shield

In order to take care of your Bamileké shield, here are a few tips for using it

The Bamileke shield is carved from teak wood.
To clean it, first dust it with a feather duster and then wipe it with a dry cloth to give it back its shine.

Avoid placing the shield on a wet floor or wall.

Wooden wall decoration design karioska
bamiléké beaded head from cameroon tete perlee


In order to keep the shine on your beaded head, here are some tips

The kalaba toy is made from terracotta and pvc beads.

Avoid contact with water.

Avoid exposing it near a heat source.

To restore the shine to your pearl head, dust it regularly with a soft bristle brush.



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General conditions of the offer:
. Requests for returns/exchanges to be made within 14 days of receipt of order.
. The returns of the articles are to be carried out in their state of origin. 
. Offer valid for the product categories Juju Hat and Tête Perlée.
. Offer valid in France and Monaco.
. Offer limited to two items per household.
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