How to remove moths from a juju hat

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The little gray moths can be a real featherbedding nightmare for juju hat. But not only! They are a household nightmare for those who have furniture or items made of wool, silk or fur. The larvae of these insects are responsible for much of the damage caused by moths. It is therefore important to take certain precautions to prevent their proliferation.

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Prevention is better than cure

First of all, it is essential to keep your home clean and tidy. This will prevent dust from accumulating on your furniture and fabrics.
Indeed, an excessive accumulation of dust serves to feed the larvae and thus promotes their rapid reproduction.

Also, be sure to keep any items made of materials that may attract moths in a cool, dry place. Moths are particularly fond of places that are stifled by the heat.

If, despite all your vigilance, you still notice the presence of small grayish butterflies in your home, then do not hesitate to call a professional exterminator. He will be able to quickly find an adequate solution to the problem encountered.

The juju hat a natural decorative object

We love the juju hat because it is a beautiful wall decoration made from natural feathers. This makes it a prey for insects.

Fortunately, there are several natural and non-toxic products that protect against moths. As for the juju hats, the essential oils of cedar and lavender have proven their effectiveness. We recommend using a small amount of essential oils. You will also enjoy their aromatic benefits for a fresh atmosphere and conducive to a restful sleep!

In addition, periodically spray your home with a moth repellent spray keeps unwanted insects away.

How to cure a moth infestation

As mentioned above, genuine juju hat feathers are natural. Juju hats can be prey to moths, depending on the type of feathers used in their manufacture, and if they are not treated before sale.

You bought a juju hat from a dealer who doesn't pay much attention to the selection criteria of the feathers or who doesn't carry out a treatment and you notice that insects are hovering around it? Then it's time to act, because it may already be infested!
Do you have a juju hat and notice a fine dust falling from it? It may not be too late.

Use an anti insect spray

To get rid of the moths that have infested the juju hat, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have a container in which you can place the juju hat. We recommend a large trash bag that can be closed.
  2. Spray a product (spray) against insects that you can find in stores. Spray by spreading the feather stems apart so that you can reach the wicker base.
  3. Then close the garbage bag tightly and leave for 24 to 48 hours.
  4. Take out the juju hat and shake it towards the ground for a while to get all the dead larvae out.

For obvious reasons, we recommend that you perform the operation outside your home. If you do not have the possibility to do so, then please make sure to air your home during the operation.

Use a freezer

Another trick is to put the juju hat in a freezer for 24 hours. A radical solution. But you need to have a big freezer.

If you found this article useful, we offer you a guide to buying a juju hat without getting fleeced.

Have you ever had to deal with a moth infestation? Do you have any other tips on how to get rid of them?



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