How to adopt the duck blue juju hat

The association also works when you have an element of your interior color duck blue


Before we look at what colors to pair the duck blue juju hat with, let's review the symbolism of duck blue in decorating. Duck blue is very popular in decorating. In green tones and slightly lighter than peacock blue, this shade is also easier to use in interior design.
Duck blue accentuates and magnifies the decor, so don't hesitate to think about using a duck blue juju hat to rethink the atmosphere of your room.

Referring to the symbolism of colors, blue is an invitation to calm. Green, on the other hand, inspires more harmony of spirit. By bringing these two colors together, duck blue invites comfort and serenity.

In which room can we place a blue duck juju hat?

Particularly relaxing and calm, used in wall decoration, duck blue finds its place in a living room, but you can also place this color in the bedroom, or even in an entrance.
Be careful though, as duck blue is a deep color, it will tend to reduce the surface area of the room in which you use it. So choose the size of your juju hat carefully if the area to be decorated is particularly small. Or choose light-toned accessories in the room.

With which colors to associate duck blue?

Association with mustard yellow

In the decorating trends, we regularly find the duck blue associated with mustard yellow. Indeed, these are two complementary colors that blend perfectly. Because this type of blue blends well with warm tones like coral, orange or chocolate.

On which wall color to put a duck blue juju hat

Other associations are possible when it comes to putting a juju hat on a wall. Playing on the trend of "color block" or tone on tone, a duck blue juju hat fits well on a wall of duck blue or green shades.
The combination also works when you have a duck blue element in your space such as a sofa or a rug.


You can also put a duck blue juju hat on a white or orange wall. The first is a neutral color for which highlights the elements that are affixed. The second is a warm color with which blue blends perfectly.

Sometimes the combination works impeccably by incorporating a few shades of green and pink into the decor.

A delicate marriage with gray

The duck blue juju hat also goes well with gray, but be careful not to weigh down the atmosphere of your home by juxtaposing colors that are too dark.

Other decorating tips

By choosing a combination of duck blue and black, you'll be almost certain to infuse your decor with contemporary style for a slightly bolder effect.

However, if you decide to add an element of duck blue to your decor, it will have to integrate wonderfully because indeed, it will bring an intense note to the decor without dominating your interior. This color harmony fits well in a bohemian chic style decoration. Think about it before you start decorating a room or with a total duck blue look.

Incorporating duck blue into a design was a hot trend a few years ago, but this trend is making a comeback. Is this just a comeback trend or a timeless piece? Either way, we love the way this color adds texture to a space.

Do these items help you incorporate a duck blue juju hat into your decor?

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